Welcome to Geo Coffee News, where we blend geospatial technology and AI to bring you the latest updates in a sip-sized format! We are your one-stop destination for staying informed about the ever-evolving world of geospatial technology.

At Geo Coffee News, we understand that time is precious. That’s why we serve you concise and engaging summaries, podcasts, and shorts that deliver the essence of geospatial tech news with every click.

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Stay Ahead of the Curve: Our news feed is your gateway to the freshest insights in the world of geospatial technology. We curate and summarize the most recent articles so you can stay informed, even on the busiest of days.

Personalized Experience: Tailor your news feed to match your interests. Select your favorite topics and let us serve you the hottest stories in geospatial tech.


Your Daily Geospatial Brew: Our podcast takes your morning coffee ritual to a new level. Dive into the world of geospatial technology with our AI-generated audio summaries. Sip your coffee, listen to our podcast, and conquer your day.

Catch the Buzz: Join us daily as we serve you a steaming cup of geospatial knowledge, complete with background music and sound effects. It’s news like you’ve never heard before!


Eyes on the Screen: Our shorts are designed to captivate your visual senses. Dive into the world of geospatial tech with our short vertical videos. We blend AI-generated summaries with captivating visuals, ensuring you’re always in the know.

In a Nutshell: Our shorts are the perfect quick fix for your tech cravings. Subscribe to our YouTube channel and enjoy daily bites of geospatial wisdom.

Geo Coffee News is where innovation meets convenience. Join us on our journey through the geospatial galaxy, one sip, one listen, and one view at a time. Stay informed, stay engaged, and savor the flavor of geospatial technology with us!

Each news article, podcast episode, and shorts video prominently displays the source of the original content, accompanied by a clearly visible link for easy reference.

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Whether you prefer reading, listening, or watching, our offerings cater to your preferred learning style. Access the most current geospatial insights with ease.

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We value your time. Our content is designed to be concise, helping you stay updated without investing hours of your day.

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Staying informed is your pathway to a competitive advantage in the geospatial field. Access our resources to stay ahead in your career.

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Whether you’re a professional in the domain, or someone interested in the field, our platform is a great way to learn something new each day.

From one geospatial enthusiast to another

Geo Coffee News is my private project. I’m a software engineer with a background and passion in geospatial technology.

While drinking my morning coffee I often scrolled through different sources seeking the latest geospatial news.

I thought that there must be an easier way to consume news and coffee at the same time, so I started my journey to create an online platform with a delightful blend of geo tech and caffeine.

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