Autonomous Hybrid VTOL UAV with Innovative Folding-Wing Design

20 September 2023
Unmanned Systems Technology

AI Generated Summary

PteroDynamics is a leading innovator in the design of autonomous VTOL fixed-wing drone systems, with three different platforms based on the Transwing design.

The X-P4 is a 4-meter wingspan UAV with an electric powertrain, the X-P5 is a multi-mission 7-meter wingspan folding-wing drone with hybrid electric/combustion engine powertrain, and the X-P6 is a heavy-lift VTOL drone with 100 kg payload capacity and powered by turbogenerator.

PteroDynamics has recently launched a UST supplier profile, showcasing their highly efficient folding-wing UAS platform, which is ideal for military and civil maritime logistics, autonomous cargo delivery to remote locations with no runways, linear inspection and ISR, and public safety.